The Opportunities and Challenges that a Cyber Security and Cybercrimes Act May Present to the Electoral Process: A Zambian Perspective

Photo Credit: here An Essay by: Nyambe E.N Student, School of Law, The University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia. emmanuelnyambe52@gmail.com 30th June 2…

Boosting Intra-African Trade Essay

Photo Source: here     Made in Africa: Boosting Intra-African Trade  Essay  Nyambe E.N  Student, School of Law, The University of Zambia, Lusa…


Photo credit: The Nation ‘Death penalty or right to life’ Since the year 2000, the mandator…

Elections As The Sufficient Measure To Democracy

Image Credit:  here   What is democracy? Democracy is defined as the type of governance in which the rule is in the hands of the people, it " …


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