Criminal Law

Hichilema’s Abolition of Criminal Defamation of The President

Photo Credit: By   Dr. O'brien Kaaba On 23rd December 2022, President Hakainde Hichilema assented to the Penal Code (Am…

Malita Banda v The People (1978)

Photo credit:  here MALITA BANDA v THE PEOPLE (1978) Z.R. 223 (S.C.)   SUPREME COURT SILUNGWE ,C.J., BARON, D.C.J. AND CHOMBA, J.S.  21ST FEB…

R v John Ndhlovu Case Summary (1954)

Photo credit: here R v John Ndhlovu Criminal Case No.43 of 1954 284 words Fact Defendant (Ndlovu) and his wife after drinking beer at one pla…


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