Access to Information Bill- A Pandora’s Box: A Reply to Linda Kasonde

President Hichilema signs ATI bill into law   By   Dr.  O’Brien Kaaba      December 30, 2023 G overnment tabled the Access to Information Bill …

Wilson Masauso Zulu v Avondale Housing Project Limited (1982) ZR 172 Case Summary

Photo Credit: Here Significance Findings of fact by a trial court, The burden of proof in civil matters. Facts The Appellant (Zulu) was e…

Kaniki v Jairus (1967) Z.R. 71 (H.C.) Case Summary

Photo Credit: Here SIGNIFICANCE Documentary Evidence on African Customary Law admissible by the High Court. A Court cannot take Judicial Notice o…

Judicial Review in Zambia

Photo Credit: Here The constitution creates and allocates the key institutions of governance power separately to avoid the concentration of arbitrary…


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